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Remedies for Lightening Dark Lips

Every woman wants to have kissable rosy pink lips. Due to many reasons and ignorance your lips start to darken. High intake of caffeine, chewing tobacco, too much direct sunlight, excessive smoking etc can be some of the reasons for dark lips. The colour of your lips can be lightened naturally by the simple remedies listed below.



We all know that lemon has natural bleaching properties. You can either apply some lemon juice directly on to your lips or you can use it with sugar for exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells from your lips.

Olive oil


Olive oil contains some nutrients essential for lips. You should apply few drops of extra virgin olive oil on your lips daily as a moisturizer before sleeping.



It might sound strange but it is absolutely true. You should apply drops of crushed pomegranate seeds along with drops of beetroot juice to restore the natural pinkish colour of your lips.



Honey is really helpful in softening your lips and to cure chapped lips. You can either use honey directly on lips or you can make a mask using honey, yogurt and gram flour. After applying rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Almond Oil

Almond oil and bowl of almonds on wooden background. Top view

Almond oil is widely known for lightening the dark spots on body and it works well on your lips too. There are two ways to use it on your lips.

Mix almond oil with castor oil and then apply on lips.

Mix almond oil with honey to use it as a regular moisturizer.



To get a rosy colour, simply use a rose. You can use rose in two ways.

  • Make a paste of rose petals and mix with honey and butter. Apply it on the lips and gently scrub.

  • Make a mixture of rose water with honey and use it on lips.

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