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Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara Review

Hi dolls

Today I would like to review a mascara which I have been using lately , so let’s get started:

Product description

Introducing Day-2-Night, Rimmel’s unbeatable new mascara that creates 2 dramatically different lash looks, all with 1 amazing new system. The secret is the magic double cap!

1.Choose the Length cap in the day for exceptionally defined, ultra- lengthened lashes. Lashes are stretched to new distances.

2.Choose the Volume cap at night for up to 15X fuller lashes. Thickens lashes with voluptuous, oversized volume without a clump in sight.






Now, the magic double cap gives you the power to create a perfect lash look, day or night!

How to Use

Choose Length to stretch and define lashes. Choose Volume for up to 15X fuller lashes.


The stacked caps offer two options: Unscrew the top cap to pull the mascara wand through a small tube and remove excess gunk (for natural-looking, clump-free lashes) or unscrew the bottom cap for a mascara-laden wand (and fuller-looking lashes).



One tube gives you two choices, allowing you to aim for whichever look your heart desires. We just wish the volumizing option was a bit more refined (that is, less goopy and clumpy).

PRICE*: $7.50 / 560 Rupees 

I love this mascara. The end result when using both brushes is satisfactory. I have many tabs and are very short, and this mask to achieved a good finish giving much volume and length . The downside is that a lot of product is deposited on the tip of the brush.


The Truth: It looks A LOT like MAC’s Haute & Naughty Lash mascara.

What I Loved About It: It looks really pretty.

What I Didn’t Like: The wand is waaaay too big!

Overall: I gotta give it to Rimmel, the packaging is all kinds of fiereness. And I’m sure many ladies who are looking for a new mascara would simply fall for this one because it’s so eye-catching. This mascara most mimics MAC’s Haute & Naughty. I had some issues with that kid too so I thought that I would run into the same issues with Day 2 Night. But nope, I actually ran into another set of issues. Being the detective that I am, I took apart the mascara just to see what we were workin’ with.

Don’t tell me. You were under the impression that there was a wand for length and a wand for volume, uh? WRONG! It is the same wand for both. The difference lies in in the sizes of the tubes. Check this out…

Is it making sense to you now? The concept makes sense and it wouldn’t be so problematic if the wand wasn’t so large. It’s just uncomfortable to use. The bristles make it tough to go right through the lashes. And the formula of the mascara just wasn’t….there.

Do they work as intended? Yes and no. The lengthening ‘part’ does separate a lot better than its counterpart. If anything, I found it to be give a decent amount of length, but nothing to write home about. The volume ‘part’ was entirely too clumpy. After 2 coats, the formula clumped my lashes together. So yes, I got a bit of volume but clumps came along with it. Not pretty.

The mascara does stand up so you’ll be able to wear it all day without it flaking or smudging on you.


Stay Beautiful & Blessed!

Thank you 

Love you all





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