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See what Jennifer Aniston does to keep her body fit



Since her popular TV show ‘Friends’, Jennifer Aniston has been in the news for her beauty and sexiness. Her perfect body and smile have remained an attraction. Here are ways that she adopts to stay healthy and in a perfect shape.

In the morning


Lemon with warm water is the first thing that she drinks in the morning. This is an essential part of her beauty routine.

Hitting the gym


Gym is a vital part of her life and an important contributor in keeping her fit. 20-30 minutes cardio exercise is something that she never misses out on. This keeps her body toned.



Yoga is a part of her daily routine. 45 minutes of Yoga including sun salutations, warrior II, triangle, and other standing poses. Her personal trainer says that Jennifer loves balancing yoga poses!

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She is quite particular about her nutrition. According to her, a person should be drinking half your weight of water every day. This keeps her skin healthy and glowing.



High protein diet is one of the main reasons for Aniston’s toned and attractive body. She focuses on lean proteins and organic vegetables. Silk Soymilk is her favourite! Fresh fruits are also helpful in maintaining her body shape.

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