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Shadow nails


We mostly neglect our cuticle area while going for any nail art or designs. We tend to concentrate on our nails the most. But why this injustice? This new trend “shadow nails” gives equal attention to your cuticles and you can decorate them the way you like.

You can either paint them with your nail paint brush with some beautiful designs or put small pretty polka dots or you can go for sticker that are available these days. Everybody is gonna be attracted to your hands.


Going for a single nail shadow is also a trendy option available for you.


These are some decent yet stylish cuticle tattoos that you can easily get in the market. With a sober and light shade, they will look the best.


Even a little marking or polka dot will do! Even if you don’t want to put in much of effort, a small design at the cuticle will make your nails totally attractive.


Using a shimmery colour to decorate your cuticles is also not a bad idea. You can even use your eye shadow to do that.


Going for different designs and patterns for each finger nail is something that can be a great idea.

Try this simple idea and get really attractive and pretty unique nails.

Thank you 

Love you all



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