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Snow Globe Nails

If you love your nails, you must be aware of the latest adornment for them. Here is something that you would not have even dreamt of! Your nails with an adorable bubble on the top of it! This bubble is called the globe which is either filled with water or oil. But it is really cute.

This bubble is also called the water globe. This is like a 3D nail art. Your finger nail will be the base of this globe.

First of all you need to create a bubble out of your gel nail polish. Then fill it in with water. You can add some accessories or adornments like glitter, shimmer or any other tiny adorable things. The other option is to just decorate the exterior of this bubble.

You will need to make all these adornments before setting up the bubble onto your nail. You can go for these options for decorating your lovely bubble. Shimmer would be perfect option for any party.






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