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Solution for Sleepless Nights

There is a saying that you can buy nice bed but you cannot buy ‘sleep’. Nice and appropriate sleep can make your day happy but on the other hand sleeplessness can result in many diseases. It can misbalance your insulin or cause heart diseases. Good sleep is must for a good health. Here are some tips that can help you avoid sleepless nights:

Maintain Your Rhythm


Sleep at the same time every day. It will maintain your body’s circadian rhythm or the 24 hours cycle.  It helps you in sleeping quickly.

Pre Bed Rituals


It is good to have a routine before sleeping. It can consist brushing the teeth or taking a shower.

Day Naps


Avoid day naps. No day nap should proceed the time limit of 45 minutes.

Natural Light


Circadian rhythm is sensitive to light, so being in natural light can help you sleep better.

Tryptophan Rich Food


Food having high quantity of Tryptophan can help in making sleep-inducing substances serotonin and melatonin. So, it is good to have milk, banana, almonds, tuna on whole grain toast or yoghurt. These foods are rich in Tryptophan.



Try avoiding caffeine or alcohol within four to six hours of going to bed. Same goes for big meals before sleeping.

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