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Some amazing benefits of Aloe Vera that you might not know

Aloe Vera is such a common plant that we tend to ignore it and go for expensive cosmetic and beauty products. But it is actually a magical thing for health and beauty routine. See some uses of Aloe Vera that will help you out on daily basis.

Prevents signs of aging


Applying fresh aloe vera gel on your skin daily prevents your skin from becoming loose. So instead of using costly creams to prevent wrinkles, go for aloe vera.

Lightens blemishes


Blemishes are a very common problem for which people use creams with chemicals and consult many doctors. Aloe Vera is a very convenient alternative for all this.

Reduces dandruff


Dandruff is a big problem for hair especially in winters. For this problem also, aloe vera works wonders. Just apply it directly on the scalp.

Eases heat burn


Heat burns are really painful and irritating. To have some relief from the burning sensation you can apply aloe vera pulp on it and it will sooth your burns.

Conditioner for hair


Most of the women are tired of rough and frizzy hair and use expensive products to have smooth and silky hair. Fresh Aloe vera or aloe vera gen can be actually helpful in conditioning your hair at home.

Reduces acne


Who doesn’t want to get rid of acne? Aloe vera gel is quite helpful in getting rid of both acne and their scars. You can use pulp from fresh plant or you can go for packed aloe vera gel like one from Patanjali or Green Leaf.

As a mouthwash


This might sound weird but it is true ladies! Aloe vera can be used as a good mouthwash to eliminate germs and mouth odours. You can mix it in water, stir a bit and then use.

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