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Some beauty hacks using Vaseline

All of us are familiar with uses of Vaseline but have you ever seen it in terms of enhancing your beauty. If not, then here are some wonderful hacks with Vaseline that will resolve your beauty problems.

Intense lashes


If you don’t want to put mascara or you don’t have one at the moment, go for Vaseline. Just take some Vaseline and apply on your lashes with your fingers for voluminous lashes.

Cracked heels


This is a common use but a very useful one. To keep your heels soft and smooth, apply Vaseline before you go to sleep.

For slicked hair


Slicked hair look is in vogue! If you don’t want to apply gel with chemicals then Vaseline is your friend for slicked look.

Cuticle cream


For your dry cuticles, apply Vaseline regularly on your cuticles.

Hide split ends


This is a temporary solution but is good. To make your split ends less visible, apply Vaseline on to the ends.

Grooming brows


Sometimes it becomes difficult to groom your eyebrows properly. To make them come in shape apply Vaseline and then comb them.

Remove makeup


Even the stickiest of make up will come out it you use Vaseline on cotton ball to remove it.

Long lasting perfume


Before applying perfume, use some Vaseline of your wrists, neck and back of the ear and then apply perfume there. It will last all day long.

For perfect manicure


For a beautiful manicure, apply Vaseline on the side edges of your nails and then apply nail paint. You will notice that it look prettier.

Glossy eye shadow


If you want your matte eye shadow to look glossy then apply Vaseline before applying eye shadow. It will give a glossy effect and will last for longer.

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