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Some ponytail styles that are groovy

Ponytail is the easiest and most popular hairstyle. It is very common too! You must be wondering how a ponytail hairdo can be amazing? You need to give your ponytail a twist to make it catchy.

Bubble ponytail



This is the latest one in the fashion world. It is eccentric and quite different. The good part is that it is easier to make and takes hardly 5 minutes. Try it if you want a new look.

Side flip ponytail


Simply step away from your boring usual ponytail. Give it sidewards twist. All you need to do is to tie it on either of the sides of your head.

Braided ponytail


Braids are in vogue and so is ponytail. So why not blend them together? This will be totally trendy and stylish.

Really low ponytail


This is actually a ponytail just for the sake of ponytail. You need to tie it really low and the benefit is that you will have controlled hair.

Slicked back



Pony with your hair slicked back in a wet look would be fashionable. Use some gel and hair spray to maintain the wet hair look in the front.

Crazy curls


If you are a curl lover, then you can add it to your pony too. Your ponytail with curls will look nice and voluminous.

Messy ponytail


You can obviously be a complete mess at times. A messy ponytail is also trendy. Whenever you are in hurry, this is the perfect hairdo for you.

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