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Some Vegetarian Superfood to Include in Your Diet

Superfoods are need of the contemporary society. These foods are full of nutrition and have tremendous heath benefits. These foods are full of Vitamins and Minerals that are recommended to everyone. It is a misconception that only non veg food has high nutritious value but it is certainy not true. There are many vegetarian foods which can be called Superfoods because of their high nutritious values. All of us must include these in our daily diet plan. Here is the list of the foods:



Mushrooms are really nutritious as they are low on calories and sodium. They are rich in fiber, protein and Vitamin B. It also helps to increase metabolism. They are known for lowering the blood pressure. In simple words Mushrooms must be included in your daily diet.

Goji Berries


Goji Berries are rich in proteins and have high quantity of Vitamin C. They also have 18 amino acids. Adding these berries to your diet can make your immune system stronger. They are very good for eys too. You can eat them as salad.

Wild Blue Green Algae


They are loaded with protein even more than soy. They also have potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. It helps to provide energy booster to our body and brain. They are also good for the immune system. You can consume them with regular smoothies and drinks.

Dark Chocolate


One of the best known superfood in the list. They are rich source of antioxidants. They can protect our body from cardiovascular disease. They are healthiest snacks you can have.

Sweet Potatoes


They are loaded with nutritional benefits. They are rich in magnesium which is good for our heart and bones. It also builds up our immune system. They best thing about them they are too good in taste.

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