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Take Care of Your Feet during Winters without Salon Pedicures

Winters can be harsh on your skin and your feet are also not secured in this cruel season. Salon pedicure are little costly and they don’t even stay for long on the feet. So here are some super easy things you can do at your home to protect your precious feet. As we all know moisture is too important for our skin in winters. Here are the steps to lock the moisture in your feet so that they look fabulous in this winter.

Soak Your Feet


Soak your feet in lukewarm water and add some salt and some Listerine in it. It will relax your feet and take away the entire bad odor that you have from sweats and all. Now apply some sugar scrub and your feet are salon ready.

Trimming Your Nails


Do not trim your nail deep especially in winters. It causes harm to your skin and it might be painful for you.

Foot Cream


Always apply foot cream after washing of soaking your feet. The moisture is must for smooth and nice feet. If you don’t have foot cream then you can apply any kind of petroleum jelly.

Cover Them Up


Before going to bad and after applying cream, cover your feet with plastic foil and then wear socks. It will lock the moisture and it will stay for longer time.

Now your feet are salon ready at your home itself. Do it weekly for the best results.

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