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The new Flower Infused Lipstick

“Go floral this summer”…it’s not just a quote anymore. It has actually gone literal. The China-based cosmetics brand Kailijumei created a lipstick with flowers in it. Isn’t this the prettiest lipstick ever? This is really the most interesting launch of this season.


This looks like a jelly with a flower caged inside it. The best part is that the colour of the lipstick changes according to your body temperature and becomes perfectly pinkish after some time of the application. Colder is your body, darker will be the colour of the lipstick. The price tag says $25 to $30 which to me seems worth the uniqueness of this product.



You can find three beautiful shades- Barbie Doll powder, Minutemaid and Flame Red are available. There are also plain flower lip balm and jelly lipstick that you can go for.


You should also immediately order the lipstick from Kailijumei website and get a glossy pink touch to your lips.

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