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The new hair stitching trend


Wanna know what’s the latest trend for your pretty hair? It may sound a little weird, but ‘Hair Stitching’ it is! This trend works best on the hair with a little bit of texture. You will look amazingly wonderful with this crazy trend.

This idea became popular from the Paris Fashion Week and now it has become a high trend. Alexander McQueen used this technique and called it- Hair Sewing.


It is not very difficult to do. All you need to do is apply heat protectant first on your hair to keep them smooth and shiny.

Then curl your hair in medium sized section so that it appears like natural curls.

Now make the required style with this curly wavy hair. And to set them at the desired place, all you need is a needle and a thread. Sew them just like you do with clothes but sew it twice or thrice to make sure that it stays.



You can get both messy and structured hair styles with hair sewing. You just need to be well versed with the technique. After getting it properly, you won’t need any clips or clutches for your desired hairdos.

You will just rock with this new style. If you wanna highlight this sewing, use a bright coloured or glittery thread which will just pop out and look amazing. Be with the latest fashion and be different with the hair sewing.

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