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The Very New Negative Spacing Nail Art

This season seems to be pretty lucky for your nails! You see new nail art techniques almost every week. Once again here is a new nail art in the fashion world that is rocking these days. It is called negative spacing. The name might sound weird but it looks great. So must try it.

The whole idea behind putting on this nail art is to leave out a few spaces in your nails without nail paint. So this is really versatile. You can use any colours and for any occasion. A little tip here- Try going for darker shades so that the left out space is easily noticeable on your nails.


  • The first way of doing this nail art is by using stripes of tapes at the areas you want to leave out.

  • The second method is also quite simple. You can apply the nail paint or any pattern you want on the whole nail and then you can wipe out some areas.

  • Third way id just by using a free hand and showing off your painting skills.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to be really neat while doing this. If you make it messy, this nail art will lose its charm. So you have to be patient and careful. Only then you can get such sexy nails. See some design suggestions here.

Going a bit geometric


Classic black and white


Some neon here


The diagonal check pattern


A bit of colours


Basic white and striping


Thank you

Love you all



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