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Tips for getting for your first Brazilian Wax


Ladies…don’t be scared of the mere name ‘Brazilian Wax’! You need to be aware about the benefits, risks and after effects of Brazilian Wax. Here are some tips before you try your first one.

Let it grow

You hair should be about ¼ inch long before getting your first Brazilian wax. Wax might not work on the hair which is shorter than this length.

 Skin check

Brazilian wax can be done on a completely healthy skin. It is recommended that you don’t get it done if you have any skin issues or STD problems.

 The exposure


You should know that your lower half will be completely exposed. So you must be mentally prepared for it beforehand. Don’t be too conscious. It is totally okay to expose yourself.

It is going to hurt


It is true! Brazilian wax is going to be painful experience for sure but it will be worth the pain. It might not pain like hell, but it will hurt a bit. Be ready to endure the pain.

For periods

If you are having your periods, then do use a tampon. It won’t be problematic to get waxing done with a tampon on.

Watch out the time


It is strongly recommended that you don’t go for a Brazilian wax three-four days prior to your period. It is so because at this time of the month, your skin tends to be extra sensitive. It might be more painful!

A soothing serum

A soothing serum will be helpful after the wax to soothe the redness or sore area. It will be perfectly smooth the next morning you wake up.


Thank you

Love you all



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