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Tips for grooming eyebrows at home

To look beautiful, it becomes a matter of utmost importance to take proper care of your eyebrows. You don’t always have to run to salon for getting it done. There are some simple things that can be done at home to groom eyebrows.

The right eyebrow shape


Your eyebrow shape should be your primary concern. You are lucky if you have thick brows because then you would be able to shape them properly. If not then take help of makeup to add depth, colour and filling the gaps.

Always brush upwards


Brushing the hair upwards will give volume to eyebrow hair. This will give your face a more attractive appearance.

Tweeze extra hair


Unwanted extra hair will look really bad. So using tweezers, you can precisely tae out stray hair from eyebrows.

No gaps


Gaps between hair doesn’t look very pretty. For this problem, you should use make up to fill in these gaps. Use good eyebrow pencil with a rich and intense colour for the best results.

Trimming is good


You do not have to trim regularly or necessarily but if some hair are longer than the others and it looks weird, then you must go for trimming using a sharp pair of scissors.

Using powder


In the last you must not forget to put some translucent powder over the arches in order to set the eyebrow pencil. This will make your eyebrows look sharp and catchy.

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