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Tommy Hilfiger

American fashion designer who established the brand Tommy Hilfiger Corporation in 1985 now rules the fashion designer! Thomas Hilfier is the principal designer and supervises the creations of this brand overseas. His long awaited 2016 spring collection is here. So let’s just check it out.


Welcoming spring with a stylish and colourful outfit. This maxi dress is completely cheerful and fabulous.


A quite alluring top with a sober bottom it is! It seems he is very fond of blending colours. His spring 2016 collection is about colours.


What more do you expect ladies? Bright colours to complement your personality, knitted blue neck and lovely hat to add to the charm!


Floral is the mood here! Not only for clothing, but for footwear too. It’s totally fair…why to stay dull in a season like spring. Let’s be lively and cheerful.


Tommy Hilfiger RTW Spring 2016

Styling a bit differently. Stripes instead of floral patterns but equally beautiful! The accessories are quite noticeable and need appreciation.


Going purely casual with this sober yet colourful skirt and t-shirt. Sometimes you need to give importance to your comfort too. So stay stylish and comfy.


Being sexy and hot in this net outfit. You can seriously showcase your appealing figure and curves. Pretty girly hats seem to be the theme for 2016 collection.


A stylish dresses accessorized very well! Just look at the sneakers accompanied with this dress. Isn’t it something revolutionary?

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