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Tony Ward 2015 Collection

Gorgeous Ladies, let’s explore the world of Tony Ward, the Lebanese-Italian fashion designer. You have missed a lot on 2015 Fashion clothing if haven’t seen these beautiful and amazing outfits by Tony Ward. We present some of the best outfits from 2015 collection.

On November 6th 2014, Beirut, Lebanon:


“A feast for the eyes! The Tony Ward Chocolate dress made by celebrity Chef Charles Azar was presented on the runway of the Salon du Chocolat in Beirut. The dress is made out of precisely cut pieces of pure chocolate mixed with glucose to create thin layers of a leather-like consistency, later to which was applied the texture of lace.”



This stunning red gown with a high thigh slit is just mesmerising. The intricate detailing at the upper part and the bottom is worth appreciating.


The pastel fish cut gown with heavy work seems priceless. The ravishing neck and the beautiful work on the whole front give the gown an awe-inspiring appearance.




The colour combination of this gown sets the mood for fall. The design and the flower print speak for itself…Welcome Autumn.


This outfit symbolizes the versatility of Tony Ward. From sober to shimmery…he’s just perfect in everything. This outfit is commendable and any praise is not enough for it.


This gown is the definition of GORGEOUS. From top to toe, the detailing is worst seeing. The designing of the waistline seems to be much thought about work.



Which bride in the world would not want to have such a gown for her special day? This outfit can make any bride look like a Princess. Especially the bottom is the prettiest part of this dress.


ELEGANT and DELIGHTFUL. These are the two words that perfectly describe this beautiful bridal dress. The heavy work of the upper and part with sober bottom are the highlights of this outfit.

These Tony Ward outfit are the dream dresses for any girl. These will give you a fairy look. Get at least one in your collection!

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