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Tricks to make your face look slim

Women with broad or little chubby face tend to feel awkward because of the face shape. But there are some tricks out there which can make your face look a bit slimmer with the help of make up. You can try the below given tips and see the magic yourself.

Fusing light and dark properly


You need to choose the shades of bronzer and contour one or two shades deeper than your actual skin tone. And the higher that you are using must be one shade lighter than your skin complexion. Blend them together for slimmer face illusion.

Diagonal contour


You should always apply contour diagonally from the centre of your cheek bone towards your ear. Finishing and blending should be good. You can also use highlighter on the tops of your cheek bones.




Bronzer should be applied along the jaw line. You should make sure that it blends completely so that it creates seamless contour.

Focus on eyes


If you emphasize on your eyes with the help of eye shadow, mascara, liner etc than the focus will be on eyes. You can adorn your lips with just a tinted lip balm. Fuller lips generally make your face look more rounded.





You can make your face look vertically stretched with the help of higher and arched eyebrows. This will compensate the round chubby face.

Center of the face



You primary focus should be on highlighting the area between your brows, your nose, Cupid’s bow and the center of your chin. This will shift focus from your cheeks to the center.

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