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Tricks to make your legs look longer


It’s not a crime to be to be born with short legs. But to be stylish you can always use some tricks that will make your legs look longer and you can be gorgeous. You can try some of the tricks below anytime.

Vertical patterns



Vertical patterns create an optic illusion which makes you see an added length. You should wear bottoms with vertical prints or designs to get a stunning look.

High waists


High waist skirts, pants or shorts will make your legs look longer and you can style them crop tops for the best look.

Nude stilettos


Nude stilettos are the best footwear for those who want to look taller. The make an effect of an added length to your legs.

Avoid ankle straps


Ankle straps will give a bisected look to your legs. Standard or low cut pumps will be the best for elongated leg look.

Longer hems


Longer hems when carried with heels will be perfect for you.

Pointed shoes


Pointed footwear is simply your best friend. You will obviously be edgy but along with that you can look taller.

The shorter the better


If wanna reveal your appealing legs, this will be really good for your overall look. Mini skirts and mini shorts will make your legs look alluring as well as taller.

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