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Tricks to make your thin lips look fuller


Sometimes thin lips might bother you and might be a hindrance in the way of your complete beauty. But magical makeup can help you to solve this problem. You should see these tips and with the help of makeup you can make your lips look fuller.

Lip liner


Lip liner is a must for you. You need to choose a shade slightly darker than you lipstick. Don’t go for a much darker shade. It will definitely make your lips appear plumper.

A highlighted outline



Using a highlighter to mark the outline of your upper lip is really going to help. Highlighted Cupid ’s bow along with upper lip will create an illusion of your lips popping out.

Ombre lips



Ombre lipstick with a blend of two lipsticks will be effective. Do remember that you need to lighten the shade of the lipstick at the centre area. Blend the two properly. You can also use a shimmery gloss at the centre.

Layer of lip gloss


Layering your lipstick with another coat of gloss will help in making the lips look fuller. This will also be a little bit catchier and appealing.



It is essential that you don’t forget to colour the corners of your mouth. Both lipstick and lip liner should reach the edges of your lips.

Lip plumper


These days you can also try lip plumpers which increase the production of collagen in your lips. This will make your lips to swell temporarily causing the lips looking fuller. The con of this idea is that it does not suit everybody.

I would recommend that you stick to the tricks with makeup only!

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