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Velvet Bags are rocking in this Fall

Velvet is the thing for winters! May it be clothes, may it be boots or any other accessories….velvet is everywhere in fall. Now even bags are in trend with a velvety look that gives a regal touch to the bags.

These bags are available in numerous colours and styles. Moreover the natural lustre of velvet makes these bags even catchier. See some trendy bags here and you will definitely feel like immediately buying one.




These velvet clutches obviously have a royal look. Pairing of crystals with velvet is the classic one. You can also carry them to the parties. They would be amazing for bridal use too. Black, Blue and Red would be the best colour options.

Shoulder Bags



Look at these classy and elegant shoulder bags! The first one is from Gucci and the second one from Chanel. These bags will add style to your personality. The colour, design, pattern…everything is out of the world.



Velvet is something that gives shine and gloss to anything. Handbags with velvet will give glow and glint to your overall attire.

Celebs carrying Velvet bags



See how elegantly and stylishly Khloe Kardashian and Cecile Cassel carry these velvet bags. You can also be trendy and refined like them. Just go shopping and pick a chic velvet bags in beautiful colour for yourself.

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