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Waxing Myths

There many non-expert advices on waxing on are popular in society. Most of them are baseless and have no connection with scientific facts. Here are some myths about waxing and their actual fact:

Removing hair makes more hair grow back, or makes it thicker and darker.


No, it is certainly not true as it is proved that the color and texture of your hair determined by your genes. Waxing has no role in it. On the quantity of your hair, it goes otherwise. After waxing, actually less hair will grow back. So, don’t worry about it before wax yourself.

Waxing causes wrinkles.


It is another lie that is project to de-fame waxing. Waxing does not involve too much of pulling and stretching the skin. In short, it is a clear lie that waxing causes wrinkles.

Anyone can perform waxing


No and nopes, it is recommended that an expert should perform it. If you don’t find an expert, then at least, help yourself with an experienced one.

Waxing from a young age will guarantee you will have less hair as an adult


No method can guarantee of growing of less hair or permanent hair removal. Most of the time it does not make any difference from which year you start waxing on your hair.

Waxing is always painful

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There is no method which involves hair pulling from roots, and is less painful than waxing. Every method involves pain whether it is waxing, plucking, epilating, sugaring or threading. When we are tired, run down and stressed, life in general can seem more ‘painful’. If go waxing regularly it will become less painful.

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