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Some ways to avoid ashy skin


Ashy skin is something that most of us deal with during winters. You skin turns ashy around lower legs, elbows, knees, arms, and heels. Here are some tips with which you can do away with the ashy skin.

Bathing with hot water


Hot water makes your skin even drier during winter. Having long luxurious hot water showers can cause more ashy skin. Try to avoid it as much as you can.

Drink lots n lots of water


This is not difficult to do, yet very helpful. Your body becomes dehydrated during dry weather. So the skin becomes patchy and ashy. Drinking plenty of water will certainly help.




Exfoliation is really essential for dry and ashy skin. A gentle scrubbing will remove the dead skin coving the upper surface of your skin.

Oil your skin


Applying body oils after taking a shower is helpful. Your skin will absorb this oil and will stay hydrated and moisturized.

Never scratch


Dry ashy skin tends to become itchy. Scratching makes the condition even worse. Instead of scratching, apply some moisturizer and rub gently. This will relieve you a little.

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