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Ways to wear scarf as an accessory

Step out of the conventional zone of using your scarf. Scarf can be used an as an accessory in a very stylish manner. See how you can use a scarf.

As a head band



This is probably the best way to utilize your scarf. This way you won’t even need a hair accessory. You will be undisturbed by your hair and it will look trendy too.

 With a belt


Tucking your scarf in your belt will give your outfit an elegant touch. You just need to choose the belt carefully.

Scarf as a belt


Scarf can be tied around your waist as a belt. Just match or contrast it with your dress and you will get a different look.

As a neckpiece


Have you ever thought about using your scarf as a necklace? You won’t need an expensive neck piece to be stylish. A scarf would be trendy and refined.

To make a bunny bow


Model - Stephanie Linda Pause | Make-up - Chloe Edwards | Designers - Beauxoxo | Photography/Post Processing - Thomas Cole Simmonds

If you want a girly and cute look, you can use your scarf to get such a look by tying the scarf like a bow.

Scarf on the bag



These days your bags need scarves as much as you need. Tying a scarf on your bag will make your bag and you both stylish.

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