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Wedding hairstyles for short hair

You do not have to be tensed about your wedding hairdo if you have short hair. Below are some nice suggestions for short hair.

Braided bob


This one is for the brides who want to keep it simple and tasteful. You can have as many braids as you like but having just one or two would be good.

Beach waves


Beach waves would make your day remarkable by giving you a distinguished appearance. And importantly, it won’t be too complicated and you can do it without putting in much time.

Airy curly up do


An airy up do is for those want a bouffant kind of look in short hair. All you need to do is to tease the roots, twist your hair and then pin them up. You can always pin up accessories for a ravishing look.

Plain straight bob


This is the one hairdo that needs no effort or time. Keeping your bob straight and plain would be nice. You just need a veil flower to make it even more appealing.

Pinned up with accessories


You can simply pin up your hair at the back with some twists and braids. A variety of accessories are available nowadays with glittery and floral designs which will suit you for the wedding day completely.

Bridal crown for pixie


Ladies with pixie hair…don’t need to do anything. Just buy yourself a beautiful floral crown or a lace crown to make your hair look adorable.

Vintage curls


You can go for quick vintage curls with a curling iron and dividing your hair in small sections. You would have to curl them over and over again, especially at the front. This will give you a classy look.

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