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Weird Fur Nail trend

You must have heard about many kinds of nail arts and nail designs…but this furry nail trend is the newest one! Even the name of this trend sounds funny and crazy. This trend is the creation of Jan Arnold, style director and co-founder of CND nail polish.

We saw this nail design for the first time at Libertine’s Fall/Winter show.

Firstly the nails are painted with some light shade or nude that is not much visible so that fur can be highlighted. Then with the help of some glue, you have to stick the fur of your choice. You can go for any colour but Jan Arnold used only White and brown fur shades.






To make this design even more appealing, you can apply a shiny cot over the fur.

This trend might be popular or fashionable but it’s little weird in the sense that it is quite animalistic. Moreover it is so hairy that appears totally strange. I don’t even find it girly or feminine at all.

You can try it if you are bold enough!

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Love you all



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