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What is Your Undertone?

 Did you ever notice that a particular set of color suits you? Are you confused about which foundation to choose or which lipstick to choose?? Then your undertone can answer all these things. Undertone is one the most essential factors in the world of makeup. It is often mistaken as skin tone, but it is not. Unlike skin tone it never changes. It is of three types warm, cool and neutral. Each undertone favors different set of colors. The warm undertone goes with peachy, yellow or golden colors. Pink red or blue will suit you if you have cool undertone. The neutral tone will go with have some mixture of these colors.

Now the biggest question is what is your undertone??? Don’t worry if you don’t know the type of your undertone. Get clues from your body itself. Basically some of your body features and your fashion choices can help you to determine your undertone. Let’s find out HOW

The vein test

Check out your wrists in normal light. If you find your veins blue/purple, then you’re cool-toned. If green, then you’re warm-toned. If you find the mixture of both of them then, its neutral tone.


The sun test

 If the sun burns and makes you pink-colored then you are cool toned and if just get tan then you fall in the warm toned category.


Image of soles of two people lying on sandy beach

The jewellery test

If you have lots of gold jewellery and it suits you then you are warm toned. Silver or platinum is for cool toned people. If you are confused about both then you have the neutral tone.


The hair and eye test

The blue, grey, or green eyes take you to the cool toned side, similarly blonde, brown, or black hair with platinum tones also. On the other hand, warm toned people have brown, amber, or hazel eyes and strawberry blonde, auburn, or black hair with golden tones.



Cool toned: Amy Adams, Lucy Liu, Courtney Cox, Anne Hathaway and Megan Fox


Warm toned: Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, Julianne Moore and Rihanna


Neutral toned: Victoria Beckham, Kelly Clarkson, Drew Barrymore, Madonna


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