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What to wear during your periods to feel comfy

Periods…the worst time of the month. The only thing you want is to stay snug in your bed. Comfy clothes, food in bed and peace of mind. Here are some suggestions regarding clothes that will keep comfortable.

Maxi Skirt


Body hugging clothes seriously suck! Maxi skirt is loose and comfy. You can wear it at home as well as outside. The best part is…it is totally trendy these days.




Jeans…A big NO NO! Denims actually increase the level of irritation in your periods. Get yourself stretchable and comfy jeggings and stay happy.

Tunic Tops



The loosely fitted tunic tops are seriously your best friends in these PATHETIC days. Carry them with jeggings and we assure tou…this will become your favourite attire for the periods every month.


Obviously you want to look pretty, even during your periods. But don’t squeeze yourself in a tight dress. Go for a shift dress. It will be comfy and stylish at the same time. Your Problem Solved!

Baggy Bottoms



These classy harem pants are actually a saviour. We just love this new trend of baggy bottoms coz it is the best for periods. Good part, you can go out anywhere, even to a party wearing these.

Dressy shorts



Perfect to make your tummy relax for some time. Dressy shorts look cool and they will keep you cosy and snug. You can make them look classy by putting on some wedges or heels. Here you are…ready for any occasion in your periods.

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