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What to Wear while Travelling to a Colder Place

Fashion and trend are at their own place but ladies, you should care about your health also. While travelling to a colder place, here are some must haves. While packing your stuff, just don’t forget to put these things in your bag.


Thermal inner wear


This thing you can’t forget to keep in your bag. Thermal inner wear will keep you warm from inside. You can carry other stylish clothes over these.

Warm Accessories


These accessories are definitely going to be your saviour. You can buy stylish scarves, gloves, tights, socks and earmuffs. The cold would not even come near you.

Out layers


Jackets, fur coats, overcoats etc give you a pretty trendy look. These are certainly going to occupy a lot of space in your bag but it is actually important if want to save yourself from falling ill.

Your favourite Boots


It is time for your lovely boots to protect your tender feet. Don’t go on assumptions that the cold will be bearable. Just be equipped for the worst winters ever. They go best with your skinny jeans and will give a captivating appearance.

Turtleneck Sweaters


Turtleneck sweaters and dresses keep your neck area really warm. Knit sweaters are totally in fashion this season. Moreover it will look amazing with other warm accessories. Oversized turtlenecks are the trend of the day! They look funky and jazzy.

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