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Which Jacket to Choose?

Sometimes it becomes very necessary to choose an outer wear. And no doubts…jackets are the best choice. There are loads of jackets are available in the market but most of us become very confused in choosing one for us. So here, we are giving you some really good options from which you can choose the best ones for you:


A very short jacket, made until your belly. This jacket is a gift from matadors to the world but now from the arenas of bull fighting it is trending in the world of women’s fashion. Black is the best color you can choose for this type of jacket. And the plus point is it can be tailored in formal way and it can become the part of your office wardrobe.


Biker Jacket

This is perfect choice for a badass, tough boy friend look. This jacket is mostly made up from leather and it is generally available in classic leather colors. An aviator become must after wearing this type of jacket. Zips are the x-factor of these jackets. Long drives can be the perfect occasion to wear them.



Field Jacket

Via military this jacket is entered in the women fashion industry. This gives you a typical cool look. The hood which is generally rolled up in the collar makes it very cool. The tip is do not use the hood if you want it to be more stylish.


Tuxedo Jacket

If you are looking something to wear for a formal occasion, then this is what you are looking for. This jacket is also known as dinner jacket. Black is the usual color you gonna find in this jacket. It goes well with satin fabric.




The bombers are always in fashion. They bring you out from your boring formal look. This is something you can wear every day. And if are in collage, then this is the thing for you.


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