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Why Olive Oil is must in your Routine

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Olive oil (‘Jaitoon tel’ in Hindi) is a multi beneficial thing that can be useful in so many ways. Below are some uses of olive oil that will encourage you to add it to your routine.

For skin

As a moisturizer


This oil is like a blessing for those with dry skin. You just have to massage it on to your skin for some time and wash it away with lukewarm water.

Makeup Remover


This is a natural alternative to chemically made makeup removers. Just take a cotton ball, dip it olive oil and go on to remove your makeup.

Anti ageing Properties


This is really good in preventing fine lines and wrinkles. You should apply it directly to face and massage a bit. Now exfoliate your skin using a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt.

Cracked heels


To heal your cracked heels, you should exfoliate using lemon water and olive oil. It will provide moisture to skin that is much needed especially in winters.

For Hair

Hair mask


You can prepare a hair mask using olive oil, yogurt and honey. You can also add egg yolk if you want. This will act as a very good hair conditioner.

Hair Growth


Massage your scalp with olive oil at least once a week. This provides proper nourishment to your hair and acts as a catalyst in hair growth.

For Health

Prevents diabetes


You should include olive in your daily diet to keep the sugar levels of your body in control.

Helps in weight lose


If you want to lose weight then along with your workout and healthy meals, you should cook your food in olive oil.

Controls Cholesterol

cholesterol level conceptual meter, isolated on white background

It helps in lowering down the cholesterol levels of the body. It contains minimum levels of saturated and polyunsaturated fats. This controls the blood cholesterol level in body.

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