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Why Smaller Bags are Taking the Trend

Most of us take so much time to search for things like cell phones in over cave-sized huge bag. That particular time, we get irritated from many useless pockets of our bag. There is no doubt that Big Bags have their own importance, but at the same time no one can deny the role of a smaller bag in our life. So obviously the trend is shifting towards more useful and much more stylish: THE SMALLER BAGS. See some pics and witness the change yourself


This stylish Smaller bag which is available in different color….you just gotta match it with your dress.


Sometimes all you need is classic leather Small Bag. Leather bags can never be outdated. So it’s always good to invest in such bags.


Denim with a Small bag….the combo which is too much to handle! You give look cool and funky.


You don’t always need to burden your shoulder. Focus on the colours also! Blue, black and brown bags look nice with every outfit.


Black is THE color for the smaller bags. The most versatile ones.


It is the time to mix golden with black…the new fashion statement in the street. Be the golden girl!


The GOLD goes with any color…..this is something expressive and stylish.


Pencil skirt goes well with a smaller bag…the smaller bag is the second hot thing after your hot legs.

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