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Worst dressed Celebs at Emmys 2015

The much awaited Emmys 2015 were an occasion where these Hollywood Hotties could have looked the most beautiful. But some of them seem to have taken it too lightly. These celebs looked average and some of them not even that.


We know you Heidi Klum. You don’t have such a bad fashion sense. What went wrong with you this time? The colour is still fine but the design is very clumsy.

22Mendel chose this petal pink gown with black robe like wings. The gown is not ugly but it is certainly not up to the mark.


White colour suits you Nazanin Boniadi but this outfit is really not for the occasion. The asymmetry is not at all classy.


Amy Schumer’s sober gown is too sober! It is hardly noticeable or remember-able. The colour is decent but the overall look is too simple.


Were your eyes closed while selecting this outfit Joanna Newsom? The oval bib like design in the front is looking ugly. She actually looks funny wearing this so-called gown.


Black is definitely the colour for such an event. But Julianne Hough’s gown looks like a spider web from the front. A more sophisticated outfit would have looked prettier.



January Jones, a girl with confidence and good styling sense. He colour is good and jumpsuits are in vogue. But not for this occasion darling. We know you could have carried off something else pretty well.


This purple shimmer gown and the shoulder chains do not suit the thin frame of Claire Danes. She looked burdened with this outfit.


Maggie Gyllenhaal…do you call it the outfit for Emmys? Not even a bit of this outfit looks graceful. The colour, the pattern and combination, everything is a mismatch. Improve you fashion sense after all you are a celebrity.

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